Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beginning Quilting and Beginning Hand Quilting Class Projects Complete

I'm absolutely amazed at what some beginning quilters have accomplished. First, the project resulting from Kiwiquilt's beginning quilting class. We made the denter block with floral corners in class. Then Denise ran with it. Look at her finished top!

And I was so very thrilled to have quite a good number of people interested in learning to hand quilt. I think today we should take advantage of advanced technology but never lose the craft of quilting that has proved so useful and rewarding. I think Jinny Beyer would be very proud of these new hand quilters. Look at what Denise, Sandra, Gladys, Dawn, and Sandra (two Sandras in this class) completed. Although I'm not great with the camera, I hope you can see their pillow top results.

And speaking of Jinny Beyer, here's a test triple Irish chain set using her new Rajasthan line. I'm not sure I'm going with it as is but it's close to what I want.

 Here are some more "play" blocks that I'll assemble into a crib quilt. I love the pinwheel pattern, it's soooooo very easy to piece and lends itself to a lot of quilting options.