Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learn Every Day

I have been quilting since I was four years old. I have learned more new techniques and improved my quilting more in the last three years than in the previous 56 years. I hope to share many of my lessons and tips with you and encourage each of you to exploit the joy of quilting in every direction. Teach your sons and daughters. Teach your grandchildren, neighbors, and friends. Volunteer at community organizations. And don't forget to learn something in exchange.

The picture below represents something I learned from a friend, Janet Bland, about a fast way to make pinwheel blocks. Thanks Janet! I fell in love with the fabric, I believe it's Ombre, at my local quilt shop (Kiwiquilts). I didn't buy it with a baby quilt in mind but I think it worked well. The last photo is the technique Janet showed me.

The graphic below makes quick and easy half-square triangles with no sewing of separate triangles. Sew two squares right sides together with a quarter inch seam allowance on all sides (dashed line). Then slice on the red lines diagonally. Voila - you have four half-square triangles.