Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ah...the Goose Must Wait

Life pokes its ugly head into our quilting plans way too often sometimes. I'm back at work for a few weeks so progress will be slow on the Feathered Goose. But I will find time to finish a project my free motion quilting (FMQ, yes even quilting has its acronyms) class began yesterday to brag on the great progress they made.

For a quick look at some FMQ, check out Patsy Thompson's blog for some enhanced free motion feathers.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Feathers - Two Rows to Go

I managed to complete a full row this week so there're only two rows to go and I'm done with the star components for those rows. I hung a flannel design cloth and that helps make decisions on the placement of components and move the color sploshes around. I'm not expert and getting the components on the cloth straight yet, however, so you'll see it tends to go down hill on the right side.

Here's a look at my organization. I pull the swatches for the outer curves from this pile.

I cut 2" and 3" strips and organized them in color ways from my Jinny Beyer fabric stash and keep them separated so it's easy to do the border and center geese components.

I've made a number of Judy Niemeyer patterns before but this one has been the easiest. All the patterns I've made are so precisely drawn and go together so beautifully. I've also used her border components on other quilts. The math is easy to re-design and make them work with just about any size quilt.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ready for France 2011

Finding this fabric added to my excitement about going back to France this year. I'm not sure you can see it clearly but it's a stylized map of Paris. I decided we could use some mug rugs since we'll be on a cabin cruiser going down the canals of the Rhone and won't have normal space.

Mug rugs and coasters, for wine of course! In the colors of the French flag.

And then there's my class sample I need to finish asap so I can get back to the Feathered Goose. I'm determined to master silk so I'm using silk in the window centers and petals. Then I'll tackle an entire piece using silk.